Focus on the production of aluminum plastic door and window hardware


    Strong pre-sales and after-sales technical team

    Do you still worry about matching with the appropriate specifications of door and window hardware accessories? The powerful pre-sales technical team of Lihui hardware can customize a complete set of door and window hardware accessories samples for you, so that you can achieve the goal in one step, save time and effort.

    Superior geographical location, convenient transportation

    Lihui hardware is located in Yangjian Town, Wuxi City. Located at the junction of Suzhou Xicheng, it is 100 kilometers east of Shanghai, less than 15 kilometers away from Wuxi airport, Huning Expressway, 312 national highway, and 5 kilometers away from Beijing Shanghai high speed railway station...

    Aluminum plastic door and window hardware specifications and models

    Lihui's main products are: handle series, hinge series, stainless steel four-bar sliding brace, door lock series, transmission series, crescent lock series, pulley series and other products, which are suitable for different types of aluminum doors and windows curtain walls at home and abroad.

    Customer trust and satisfaction is our eternal pursuit


    Help you solve problems



    Free sample before sale
    Lihui hardware pre-sale technical team can customize a complete set of door and window hardware accessories samples for customers free of charge according to CAD drawings or material heads.


    Control the whole production process
    Lihui hardware from the source of material control, its own die-casting, injection molding, spraying process, assembly line, in strict accordance with the process generation.


    Strict inspection of products
    Lihui hardware on each batch of products have testing equipment for strict testing, to ensure the quality of each batch of products, so that customers can rest assured.


    Order flash shipment
    Lihui hardware customized products after customers confirm the sample order, production line production, product delivery speed beyond your imagination.


    After sales real-time follow-up
    Lihui hardware after-sales technical team provides the whole process guidance for the installation and use of products, and guarantees the quality of each product.

    Meet the demand in all aspects

    Window Lock Series
    Window Lock Series
    Window Lock Series
    Window Lock Series
    Window Lock Series
    Hinge Series
    Hinge Series
    Hinge Series

    Provide a full range of Solutions

    Core Advantages
    Industry reputation is trustworthy
    / Lihui hardware has its own factory building and spraying production line, which can meet various customized requirements for customers
    / There are 6 injection molding machines, 2 machining centers, 2 electrostatic spraying lines, 8 stamping machines and other special machines
    / With rich experience in door and window accessories, many door and window enterprises appoint hardware accessories suppliers
    Core Advantages
    Personalized customization
    / Lihui hardware technology team skilled, customized to the appropriate specifications, sizes, colors, etc
    / Lihui hardware has an independent and perfect quality inspection department, equipped with full-time quality inspectors, customized product full inspection
    Core Advantages
    Honor witness strength rest assured
    / Lihui hardware products have passed Wuxi product quality supervision and certification
    / After reaching the cooperation, Lihui hardware carefully selects door and window hardware accessories for you
    Core Advantages
    Considerate after sale
    / Sales and after-sales service team integration, from customer contact to customer terminal use
    / To provide you with a series of intimate services 
    / Complete service tracking system, solve difficult problems in production for users, 24-hour online
    Customization process

    Personalized process to meet your special needs


    Demand communication

    Online communication

    Free proofing

    Lihui hardware provides free proofing for customers

    Confirm customization

    Confirm quantity and delivery time

    Sign a contract

    30% deposit in advance when signing the contract

    Volume production

    Put into the workshop for formal production

    Quality inspection and shipment

    Logistics delivery through product quality inspection

    after-sale service

    Confirm receipt and start after sales


    Understand the industry information and know us better

    Welcome new and old customers of Lihui hardware
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